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Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) is a specialized area that’s growing in priority within the healthcare industry. Does your healthcare organization have a scalable and efficient EMR/ EHR solution? Were you aware that studies show a solid EHR solution directly affects improved patient outcomes? Is HIPAA compliance a priority? All these questions come to mind when addressing IT needs in a healthcare organization. Remember… organizations handle patient information is becoming increasingly important as well as highly audited.

Now let’s look at the individuals who are needed to make all of this work. People with an understanding of this unique set of requirements, an understanding of the impacts of success and failure in healthcare, and that ability to liaison between that seasoned nurse, and that guy who’s been writing code since he was ten. Professionals with a blended knowledge of IT as well as healthcare are the key. With J2 providing an incomparable level of service and these “hybrid” specialist, exceptional results are inevitable.


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August 18th, 2013
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August 19th, 2013
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August 22th, 2013

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